Hemp-Stink bug

Pentatomidae-several species

Pest description and crop damage Stink bug (Order: Hemiptera; Family: Pentatomidae) damage is usually a flagging of leaflet, leaf, or stem and can cause small plants to wilt. Stink bugs are present on hemp in isolated pockets in the PNW.

Biology and life history Stink bugs colonize hemp from other crops and from native plant communities. Eggs are laid in masses of a few dozen at a time. Nymphs (5 instars) can develop quickly and form large populations under the right conditions. It is not known if they can complete a life cycle solely on hemp.

Scouting and thresholds Detecting an infestation is rare. Stink bug adults and nymphs are both easily detected during normal scouting operations using a beating sheet/tray.

Management-biological control

Like many pests of hemp, stink bugs are preyed upon primarily by the various generalist predators present in most hemp fields.