Sugar beet-Carrion beetle

Silpha bituberosa

Pest description and crop damage Flattened, shiny black larva has a distinctly segmented body that tapers from head to abdomen. Adults are dull black, flattened, oblong-oval shaped, with ridges running lengthwise down wing covers. Feeding by larvae and adults appears as ragged or crushed leaf edges, especially on plants along field margins where adults overwinter.

Scouting and thresholds No formal economic thresholds exist for carrion beetle insecticide treatment decisions. They rarely cause economic injury.

Management-cultural control

Prevent buildup by eliminating weedy host plants (commonly lambsquarters and pigweed).

Management-chemical control

  • methomyl (Annihilate LV, Annihilate SP, Lannate LV, Lannate SP, M1 LV, M1 SP, Nudrin LV, Nudrin SP) at 0.225 to 0.9 lb ai/A. PHI for roots 21 days or 30 days if tops are fed to livestock. REI 48 hr. Do not apply more than 4.5 lb ai/A per crop or apply more than 10 times per crop.