Alfalfa hay-Slug

Pest description and crop damage Snails and slugs are nocturnal and generally feed during the night damaging many varieties of plants and plant seedlings. They inhabit damp, moist areas around decaying refuse, organic matter, and hide at the base of growing plants. Their presence can be detected by the shiny trails left on the soil surface. Damage is to new seedlings and primarily to hay grown west of the Cascades. For additional information, see:

Management-chemical control

  • metaldehyde baits (such as Deadline M-Ps mini pellets or Trail's End LG large granules)-PHI 0 days. REI 12 hr. Broadcast bait should be applied to the soil over hot spots in the field. Do not apply to edible plant parts or allow contamination. Do not apply to dry soil. For best results, apply soon after rain or irrigation, and apply in the evenings when slugs are most active. Rain and irrigation water following application will deactivate baits. See specific product label for rates.

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