Swine-Hog mange

Follicle mite (Demodex spp.)

Hog mange mite (Sarcoptic scabiei suis)

Management-chemical control

  • permethrin spray-Apply at 1 quart/100 gal water. Spray until entire animal is covered thoroughly, paying particular attention to ears and hard-to-reach areas. Also spray walls and floor and replace the bedding to kill free living mites. For particularly severe or persistent hog mange, use 1 quart/50 gal water, applied as directed.
  • permethrin spray (Martin's 13.3% multi-purpose insecticide-spray)-Apply at 8 oz/33 gal water. Spray, dip or sponge to apply 1 pint per pig, especially around the ears. Spray, dip or sponge animals. Repeat after 14 days, spraying walls and floor space and bedding to kill late hatching, developing stages. Remove feed and water. DO NOT spray directly toward animal's face or eyes. DO NOT spray sick animals. DO NOT ship animals for slaughter within 5 days of last application.