Nuisance and household pests-Flour moth

Angoumois grain moth (Sitotroga cerealella)
Indian meal moth (
Lodia interpunctella)
Mediterranean flour moth (
Anagasta kueniella)

Pest description and damage Medium-size moths, roughly 0.125 to 0.75 inch wing tip to wing tip, gray or reddish brown. Moths flying in homes are often the first sign of infestation. Full-grown worms are 0.5 inch long and white or sometimes pinkish or greenish. Larvae feed on cereals, nuts, dried fruits, pet food and/or treats, bird seed (both wild and domestic) and other products.


Thoroughly clean shelves and storage bins. Inspect all food containers and discard those found to be infested. Store food only in containers that can be closed tightly. Do not store food items in thin plastic bags such as supermarket produce bags. Do not store food longer than 2 months unless frozen. If pet birds are present in the home make sure to clean cage often and store feed outside the home or in a sealed container.