Apple Pests

Nik Wiman and Heather Stoven
Latest revision: 
March 2022

Includes management options for commercial and home use.

In all cases, follow the instructions on the pesticide label. The PNW Insect Management Handbook has no legal status, whereas the pesticide label is a legal document. Read the product label before making any pesticide applications.

Note: Products are listed in alphabetical order and not in order of preference or superiority of pest control.

Pre-mixed pesticide combinations

Commercially packaged insecticide premixes should not be used in commercial orchard crops from a pesticide resistance management perspective. To prolong the effectiveness of insecticides, an effective insect resistance management program must be part of an IPM program that involves sampling and monitoring, treatment thresholds, biological and cultural control. Do not use pesticides with the same mode of action on back-to-back generations of a pest. Home orchardists should seek to identify specific pests and select appropriate pesticides for the targeted pest.


All rates listed are for formulated products, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Reference to stages (0–7) refers to the bud development chart in this handbook.