OSU-Hermiston Plant Pathology Laboratory Testing Services

General diagnosis = $90

This service includes a thorough microscopic exam, moist chamber incubation, isolation onto selective and/or non-selective nutrient media (as needed), and identification of isolated fungi or bacteria to genus through morphology or polymerase chain reaction (PCR), when possible. Molecular assays (i.e., PCR or reverse transcription-PCR) will be used for viruses when possible. Note that some viruses require methods for identification that are not included in this fee. Call for additional information about this service. Fee includes a brief written report of our diagnosis or findings. Call for additional information about this service.

Soil pH and total soluble salts = $10

This price is for soils submitted specifically for pH and total soluble salts measurement. Soil submitted with a plant sample will have these measurements taken, when requested, at no additional charge.

Ship samples to:

Kenneth Frost
Extension Plant Pathology Laboratory
2121 South First
Hermiston, OR 97838

Soil Fungus Assays Fee Schedule per Soil Sample:


Cost/sample **

Verticillium dahiae/
Colletotrichum coccodes

$ 35

Pythium spp.

$ 25

Fusarium spp.

$ 25

Phoma terrestris
(Onion pink root)

$ 30

** Prices listed are per soil sample. Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks for Pythium, Fusarium, and Phoma terrestris assays and 5-6 weeks for Verticillium/C. coccodes (black dot).

Metalaxyl-Resistant Pythium Soil and Culture Assay

The soil assay determines the percent of the total Pythium spp. present in the soil that are resistant to metalaxyl. A culture-based assay is used to determine if any of the Pythium spp. recovered from infected plant material are resistant to metalaxyl. The fee for these tests is $30.

Silver Scurf and Black Dot Testing of Potato Tubers

Silver Scurf and black dot tuber assays are conducted on seed and market tubers. The fee for this service is $50 for an individual disease evaluation (black dot or silver scurf) per lot or $65 for both black dot and silver scurf evaluation.

Molecular testing for viruses and other pathogens

# of Samples

# of pathogens/viruses to assay for




$ 60

$ 70


$ 70

$ 80


$ 80

$ 90


$ 90

$ 100


$ 100

$ 110


$ 110

$ 120

Leaf samples are generally tested individually but may be tested in bulk (up to 5 leaves) for more economical testing of large numbers of samples. Please note: bulk testing decreases the sensitivity of all assays especially if a very small amount of a pathogen is present. Call for special pricing of very large numbers of samples and to learn which pathogen can be detected using PCR.

For further information, contact:

Kenneth Frost
OSU HAREC, Extension Plant Pathology Laboratory
2121 S. First Street
Hermiston, OR 97838
Office 541-567-8321

The fee schedule, sample submission form, and directions for sample submission can be found at:


Fees are subject to change. Current fee information can always be found at:


Samples must be accompanied by a completed sample submission form. Delays in sample processing may occur if a sample submission form is not included with shipped samples.

Digital pictures can be E-mailed to: kenneth.frost@oregonstate.edu

Note: Failure to confirm the presence of an organism in or on a submitted sample does not establish the field to be free of that organism.