Agrichemicals and Their Properties

Ed Peachey
March 2022

This information provides specifications for users of this handbook. For more information regarding the physiological or biochemical activity and behavior in or on soils, refer to the Herbicide Handbook of the Weed Science Society of America.

The Acute toxicity LD50 (lethal dose to 50% of the test animals) has been stated for the formulated product when known. Refer to Managing Herbicide-resistant Weeds in this handbook for further information on Site of action and Chemical family.

The adsorption coefficient (Koc) is included for most herbicides. The Koc represents how strongly an herbicide adsorbs to soil when normalized for the amount of organic matter (OM) in a soil. Values less than 300 indicate high potential for leaching. This value is often an average of several soil types with varying levels of OM and, therefore, should be used with the understanding that the actual values could be plus or minus twice the listed value for a particular soil.

Caution! This handbook is not intended as a complete guide to herbicide use. Before using any chemical, read the container’s label. A chemical must be thoroughly tested before it can be recommended for a specific use. Following the label’s recommendation can prevent many problems from arising due to wrong use of a chemical. Any use of a pesticide contrary to instructions on the printed label is illegal and is not recommended.

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