Annual Broadleaf and Grass Weeds

florasulam + fluroxypyr + pyroxsulam (GoldSky)

Rate 0.0022 lb ai/A florasulam + 0.0891 lb ai/A fluroxypyr + 0.0133 lb ai/A pyroxsulam (1 pint/A GoldSky)

Time Apply to actively growing wheat from the 3-leaf to jointing stage. Treat after most weeds have emerged. The best control is before the 2 leaf/2-tiller stage or before the broadleaf leaves are larger than 2 inches tall or 2 inches in diameter.

Remarks Apply with a nonionic surfactant (NIS) at 0.25% to 0.50% v/v (1 to 2 quarts/100 gal spray solution) and ammonium sulfate (AMS) at 1.5 lb/A. Warm, moist growing conditions promote active weed growth and enhance activity of GoldSky. Weeds hardened off by cold weather or drought may not be adequately controlled or suppressed, and may re-grow. GoldSky is rainfast within 4 hr after application. REI 24 hr.

Caution Do not apply more than 1 pint/A per growing season. Do not use an adjuvant when applying GoldSky in combination with emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulations, such as 2,4-D ester or MCPA ester products. Do not apply this product through any irrigation system. Do not use on wheat varieties that are sensitive to ALS herbicides. Do not apply within 60 days of harvest.

Site of action (florasulam and pyroxsulam) Group 2: acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitor; (fluroxypyr) Group 4: synthetic auxin

Chemical family (florasulam) Sulfonamide; (fluroxypyr) Pyridine; (pyroxsulam) Triazolopyrimidine

imazamox (Beyond)

Clearfield wheat only

Rate 0.031 to 0.039 lb ai/A (4 to 5 fl oz/A Beyond 1SL)

Time Apply postemergence to Clearfield wheat after tiller initiation but before jointing. May be applied in fall-winter or in spring, for winter or spring annual weed control. Apply when weeds are actively growing and before broadleaf weeds exceed 3 inches tall and grasses exceed four to five leaves.

Remarks Add crop oil concentrate (COC), methylated seed oil (MSO), or high surfactant oil concentrate (HSOC) at 1 to 2% v/v (1 to 2 gal/100 gal spray solution), or a nonionic surfactant (NIS) at 0.25% v/v (1 quart/100 gal spray solution), and a liquid nitrogen fertilizer or ammonium sulfate (AMS) solution at 2.5% v/v (2.5 gal/100 gal spray solution). Apply Beyond herbicide a minimum of 1 hr before rainfall or overhead irrigation. REI 4 hr.

Caution Use only on Clearfield and Clearfield Plus wheat varieties. Occasionally, reduction in plant height or temporary yellowing of crop plants may occur following Beyond herbicide applications. These effects can be more pronounced in spray overlap areas and/or if crops are growing under stressful environmental conditions (such as, but not limited to drought, excessive moisture, improper fertility, improper varietal adaptation, poor planting conditions, etc.). To avoid possible crop injury do not apply Beyond when extreme cold temperature (<40°F maximum daytime temperature) are expected within 1 week of application. Do not tank-mix with ALS-inhibiting herbicides due to potential unwanted crop response or weed control antagonism. Apply Beyond no more than 2 out of 4 years. Do not plant Clearfield wheat continually. There are no restrictions for feeding or grazing wheat forage and hay after applying Beyond. Some crops (canola, mustards, and beets) cannot be planted within 26 months of applying; see label for crop rotation restrictions. Do not apply this product through any irrigation system.

Site of action Group 2: acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitor

Chemical family Imidazolinone