Pamela J.S. Hutchinson
March 2022

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Herbicides Labeled for Use in Potato After Planting: Application Timing and Activity (Soil and Foliar)

Must be Applied Preemergence to Potatoes

Can be Applied Preemergence or
Postemergence to Potatoes3


Foliar Active Only
For Burndown of Emerged Weeds

Soil Active
For Control of Weeds
Not Yet Emerged

Soil Active Only
Will Not Control
Emerged Weeds

Both Soil and Foliar Active
Can Control Non-Emerged and
Emerged Weeds

(Aim EC) In Canada can only be used as a pre-plant burndown


paraquat Not for use in Canada at this timing

glyphosate + S-metolachlor (pre-mix) (Sequence)

dimethenamid-p (Outlook; Frontier Max in Canada)

ethalfluralin (Sonalan HFP)

fomesafen (Reflex)

flumioxazin (Chateau1)

linuron (Linex /Lorox1)

pyroxasulfone (Zidua)

sulfentrazone1 Sulfentrazone MTZ1 (pre-mix of sulfentrazone and metribuzin);

Sencor STZ1,2 (co-pack of metribuzin and sulfentrazone sold in Canada)

EPTC (Eptam)

S-metolachlor (Dual Magnum/Dual II Magnum)

metolachlor (Me-too-Lachlor)

pendimethalin (Prowl H2O, Prowl 3.3EC)

trifluralin (Treflan HFP)

S-metolachlor + metribuzin (pre-mix)


(Matrix, labeled as Prism in Canada)

metribuzin (TriCor )

rimsulfuron (Prism) Only for use in Canada and only postemergence

metribuzin + rimsulfuron (co-pack) (Titus Pro) Only for use in Canada


sethoxydim (Poast Plus/Poast Ultra)

clethodim (Select)

fluazifop- p-butyl

(Venture2) Only for use in Canada

Both U.S. and Canadian trade names are shown.

Herbicide Timing Program can be Preemergence (PRE) only, PRE + Postemergence (POST), or POST only.

1 These herbicides also have foliar activity and can control emerged weeds but MUST be applied before potato emergence.

2 Labeled for use only in Canada.

3 Some of these herbicides may be applied sequentially: preemergence + postemergence or postemergence + postemergence. Follow the label for your area.

NOTE: Information for Preplant/Preplant incorporated timing and end-of-season vine kill herbicides is in the labeled sections below but not included in this table due to space constraints.