Bruce Kelpsas and Chal Landgren
March 2022

Undesirable woody and herbaceous plants can manifest as problems in managed forests, fence lines and forest right-of-ways. Reforestation, in particular, may depend heavily on weed control. Besides federal regulations surrounding pesticide products and their use, individual state forest practices laws in Oregon, Washington and Idaho also prescribe certain rules regarding herbicide use to protect plantations, forest resources, and water. Operators should be familiar with their state forestry rules and state product labels whenever herbicides are used. Any product used in forestry applications must be EPA-registered for that use. Products not carrying a forest, reforestation, forest management, conifer plantation, or similar use on their labels should not be used in forest management, even if they have active ingredients that are registered on other products. Always follow directions on the herbicide label. The information in this handbook is not intended to be a complete guide to herbicide use. Before using any herbicide, read the label recommendations on the container.