Established Tree, Shrub, Rose, and Ground Cover Landscapes

Ed Peachey
March 2022

Multiply rate by 0.023 for amount per 1,000 sq ft


Available at agricultural and garden supply stores

Spun-bonded fabrics (non-woven) lightweight, extruded polypropylene fibers; requires mulch cover due to moderate UV light sensitivity; weed roots and rhizomes can penetrate fabric unless removed before establishment; cheapest option.

Woven fabrics moderate-weight polypropylene fibers woven into a mat; can be used without mulch cover due to UV light stability; weed roots and rhizomes can penetrate fabric although tightness of weave can prevent some weeds; moderate cost.

Laminates highly porous, dense poly film bonded to capillary fibers with a pressed, non-woven bottom layer. Surface is slick and causes rapid wetting and drying to prevent weed establishment except for perennial rhizomes that can penetrate the laminate; most expensive geo-fabric.